Charles Halperin
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Beyond the Horizon
Portrayed by John Schneider
Current status Guest Appearances
Duration 2007, 2008
Created by David Evan Smith
Family Halperin
Gender Male
Died October 2007
Cause of death Blunt force head trauma
Occupation Former Chief Financial Officer of Von Stadt International
Former owner and proprietor of The Redeye and Large Bar

Loyal Chief Financial Officer at Von Stadt International, Charles Halperin had it all: Money, security, and a loving family. But discovering VSI was involved in shady business dealings, including the international designer drug trade, it started a chain of events that would lead to his untimely death. Charles threatened to expose VSI's illegal underbelly, and the struggle that ensued with boss Henry Von Stadt culminated in a fatal blow to the head. Panicked, Henry tasked Ford Collins with staging a car accident as the "cause" of Halperin's death, also making it appear as if he was abandoning his family, which left his grieving wife Eleanor and their daughters Crystal and Rebecca confused and reeling. Halperin got the last laugh, however, and has left evidence of VSI's crimes to be found. Henry has cozied up to Eleanor, hoping to determine what form this evidence has taken, and intercept it before it's discovered, but Henry's feelings for Eleanor might turn out to be genuine after all!