Edina Dawson
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Beyond the Horizon
Portrayed by Ilene Kristen
Current status Contract Regular
Duration 2008-present
First appearance May 2008
Created by David Evan Smith
Family Dawson, Baldwin (by marriage)
Gender Female
Occupation Social worker at St. Vincent's Hospital
New York City, New York
Residence Baldwin Brownstone
22nd St. & 9th Ave.
New York City, New York

Edina Dawson knows first hand that things rarely work out the way one would want them to in life. The love of Edina's life, Theodore Baldwin, just happens to have been born a few (okay... 24) years earlier than herself. But the age didn't stand in their way. Timing was everything, and Theodore had married and started a family with a woman named Veronica before they met. But even that didn't stop Theodore and Edina!


Edina's children, Eddie and Didi also know what it's like to live a life where things don't work out as they should have. Didi is still trying to find her direction in life, while Eddie is realizing his dreams as a drag queen in New York City! But as the Dawsons slowly migrated to New York, they would find everything happens for a reason, and everything might just work out after all.