Jenna Baldwin
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Beyond the Horizon
Portrayed by Kari Wuhrer
Current status Contract Regular
Duration 2007-present
First appearance November 5, 2007
Created by David Evan Smith
Family Baldwin
Gender Female
Born 1967
Occupation President & CEO of Baldwin Enterprises
10% shareholder in Baldwin Enterprises
President of Jenna Baldwin Originals (Fashion division of Baldwin Enterprises)
Former waitress at Shenanigans

Eldest child Jenna Baldwin left the nest early, eager for a taste of success after very humble beginnings. But Jenna returned home quickly when she learned her father had hit a lottery jackpot and the Baldwins would be set for life! With millions to support her spending habits, and an attractive, powerful lover named Shawn Marks at her side, there's little that Jenna is left wanting! For her sake, she had better hope this won't be another instance of "easy come, easy go.