Julia Lawless
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Beyond the Horizon
Portrayed by Melissa Archer
Current status Contract Regular
Duration 2007-present
First appearance November 5, 2007
Created by David Evan Smith
Family Wilson, Lawless
Nickname(s) Dr. Boom-Boom (by Jenna Baldwin)
Dr. Bedside Manner (by Jenna)
Gender Female
Born 1980
Occupation Doctor
Title Ph.d.

Just past "frumpy", Hattie Wilson always wanted to be loved, and she came close with Larry Lawless, but he cheated on her with his secretary and died suddenly. Hattie's older daughter, Dr. Julia Lawless was smart enough to leave the nest early and established herself a life outside of her mother's mania. Julia is skeptical about getting involved with player James Baldwin, but is drawn to him nevertheless.