Shawn Marks
Bth truvillion250 1
Beyond the Horizon
Portrayed by Tobias Truvillion
Current status Contract Regular
Duration 2007-present
First appearance November 5, 2007
Created by David Evan Smith
Family Marks
Alias(es) Mark
Gender Male
Occupation Executive at Von Stadt International
5% shareholder in Von Stadt International
Residence Marks apartment
The Dorilton
171 71st St. & Broadway

New York City, New York

Siblings Shawn and Rachel Marks always had to fight for everything they ever got. Shawn fought his way to near the top of the corporate ladder, but still has his eye on a VP position at VS International. On the surface, Shawn Marks appears to have it all. A beautiful, wealthy girlfriend, Jenna Baldwin, and a high-powered executive position at VS International, a conglomerate headed up by the world-renowned businessman, Heinrich Von Stadt. His job requires many late nights, but sometimes Shawn only claims to be working late, when in reality he is visiting the Large Bar, seeing the latest show starring drag queen Aurora Borealis!