Terrence Applewhite
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Beyond the Horizon
Portrayed by Walt Willey
Current status Former Contract Regular
Guest Appearances
Duration 2007-2008
First appearance November 5, 2007
Last appearance September 26, 2008 (alive)
November 2008 (as apparition)
Created by David Evan Smith
Family Applewhite
Nickname(s) Old Man Apple-Polisher (by Dominic Soletti)
Gender Male
Died September 26, 2008
Age Established as being in his 50s in November 2007
Cause of death Complications from AIDS
Occupation Former theatre producer
Former theatre director
Residence Applewhite Brownstone
19th St. & 9th Ave.
New York City, New York

Terrence Applewhite was married for 30 years and fathered two children before making a very difficult decision -- to come out of the closet! His wife Emma left him immediately, but his children Fiona and Rod stuck by him and tried to adjust to the new revelation. Making the adjustment all the more difficult was their father's relationship with his new, young boy toy, Christian Avery Field, an actor, whom the Applewhite siblings are certain only wants to cash in on Terrence's fame and power in the theatre community!